Environmental responsibility

Beautiful, rich and versatile Finnish marine environment is unique in many ways. With our operations, we want to ensure that the forthcoming generations have a chance to enjoy it in the same way as we do.

A clean environment is a precondition to our business, and we take it into account on all aspects of our operations. Our operations out at sea as well as ashore, in our office, have always been based on environmental and sustainable solutions. We are committed to conserving natures resources and thus we have been awarded an Eco Compass certificate in November 2020, covering our operations both onboard our vessels as well as our office.

In practice, operating an old wooden sailing vessel is already environment friendly in itself. To support our operations, we have started an investigation with the Compensate Foundation to compensate for the remainder of the carbon footprint we produce. Our aim is carbon neutral sailing trips.

Purjelaivakonttori has also been accepted into the Sustainable Travel Finland-program, to improve our operations and do one’s deed in ecological, social, ethical and cultural responsibility as a part of Finnish travel scene.



Reduce the amount of mixed waste.

Environment friendly procurement and partners.

Raise awareness of environmental values and promote eco-friendly thinking.

Carbon neutral sailing trips.


This is how an eco-friendly sailing event with us is constructed:

FoodDelicious food is an essential part of sailing trips and onboard our vessels we pay special attention to this. Our serving sets are based on fresh, clean and domestic produce. Quality produce, expertise and sustainable selections are the foundations of our catering. By using these principles our ships’ cooks have designed menu proposals, which can also be easily tailored to meet customer needs.

Waste: All accumulated waste is sorted accordingly. No waste is thrown overboard. Our vessels have sufficient sets of dishes, so there is no need to use disposable tableware. All sewage onboard is collected into tanks and disposed into the city sewage system for further processing.

Transportation: The vessels of Purjelaivakonttori use sails and wind as the means of propulsion as much as possible, and the used routes are planned based on weather forecasts. It is also easy to travel to the ships´ homeport Halkolaituri by the means of public transport, bicycle or by foot. Quite often people arrive in larger groups, so carpooling or charter buses are also a valid option.

Water: The water served onboard our vessels is the cleanest in the world, Helsinki tap water, thus we do not encourage the use of bottled water onboard.

Sustainable, ecological and memorable sailing trips on an authentic traditional sailing vessel in the most beautiful archipelago in the world, since 1969.