Terms for charter sailings

The cruises depart from and return to Halkolaituri in Pohjoisranta, Helsinki, unless otherwise agreed.

The ship is available at the pier of departure 30 min before and 30 min after the agreed sailing time. Possible additional sailing hours must be agreed on separately with the ship master. The extra hours will be charged according to the price list. Delivery and storage of supplies onboard needs to be agreed on separately. The delivery and storage of goods and drinks on board is agreed separately. Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori is not responsible for the customer's lost property, they can be asked from the office. The customer picks up any left over drinks and other goods from the sailing with in a week, unless otherwise agreed.

The reservation is confirmed on both sides in writing and is binding. When confirming the order, the customer agrees to comply with our terms of sailing. The reservation fee is 25% of the agreed ship rental price and it is invoiced on a separate invoice when the order is confirmed. The paid reservation fee will be taken into account in the final invoice. The reservation fee is not refunded if the sailing is canceled by the customer. Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori has the right to change the ship if there are obstacles to its use for the event in question.

Payment terms are net 10 days.

Upon confirmation the company provides information for the invoicing as follows:

  •  the e-invoicing details or an e-mail address for invoicing

  •  official name of the company

  •  business ID

  • postal address of the company

  •  desired reference for the invoice

  •  name, e-mail address and mobile phone number of the contact person on board

The remaining 75% of the fee and the possible catering will be invoiced, and needs to be paid, prior to the sailing. If the reservation is made later than 30 days before the trip, the entire sailing fee needs to be paid at once.

In addition to the reservation fee, the following additional cancellation fees will be applied if the customer cancels the order:


  • cancellation less than 3 weeks before the sailing 25% of the agreed sailing fee. Also all the ordered catering and other services will be charged from the customer.  

  • cancellation less than 2 weeks before the sailing 50% of the agreed sailing fee. Also all the ordered catering and other services will be charged from the customer.

  • cancellation less than 1 weeks before the sailing 75% of the agreed sailing fee.  Also all the ordered catering and other services will be charged from the customer.

Dangerous or predicted to be dangerous weather conditions, damage of the ship, external factors such as strikes, state of war or emergency or other unusual circumstances independent of the Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori gives the Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori the right to cancel the sailing. The existing bookings can be postponed in to another date. If the booking is not possible to postpone, Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori will compensate 75% of the agreed ship rental price. Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori is not liable for possible additional costs such as changes or cancellations of further connections, accommodation, schedules, routes etc. that may occur if the sailing is cancelled for the reasons mentioned above.

Selected menu, the number of guests and possible artists or photographers onboard needs to be communicated to Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori no later than 2 weeks before the sailing. Catering services will be added to the final invoice according to the number of guests stated. In case the customer chooses not to use the onboard catering services, the ship galley is available for use. In this case the possible use of cooking and table ware will be invoiced separately in the final invoice.

The ship's wood-heated sauna with towels can be booked as part of the sailing activities and it will be charged according to the price list. Please inform Helsingin Purjelaivakonttori if you want to use the sauna when confirming the sailing.

If desired, the customer can separately order artists onboard. The artists will issue their own invoices.

A video projector is available without extra charge. Other equipment will be invoiced separately.

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